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New Stylized Design of Jesus Fish Silver Chrome Emblem

New Stylized Design of Jesus Fish Silver Chrome Emblem

$ 12.50 $ 14.99

All stylized modern design of "Jesus Fish" Auto Emblem.

Tri-Chrome Plated, Weather proof, Engraved "i Believe" and "Ixoye Logo" in body.

Registered copyright Design only available through APG Worldwide Inc.,

Size 4" x 1 7/8"  This is true beauty. It may look change its colors depends on color of your car or light.  Superior Premium quality.  Made in Korea

Nowhere to find but through APG W.

Note: When you put on your car, use scotch tape to position the way you desired to put on.  It should put on as way you see in this package.  right corner of back of car is preferred place to put on.

Some cars, it looks better when you put above the existing car model emblem.  The back adhesive tape is made from 3M Company which designed and manufactured for the car emblem.  It is very strong, once it got placed on cars, it is almost impossible to readjust position of the emblem.  

Removal requires string of fishing strings to avoid damage to car painting...

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