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God is Love Silver Metallic Decal

God is Love Silver Metallic Decal

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"God is Love" Decal for auto.  It can be put on any smooth surface material such as laptop, mirror, etc.,

Displayed photo is actual packaged products. Die-Cut 3 layer sticker, which means only image will be placed on windows - It is specially made for exterior car widows. All weather proof, made in Korea for quality. Nothing like other vinyl stickers.  It lasts to life of cars.

Search "Youtube" for "Die-cut sticker installation" instructions.  It is simple but care is needed when install.  There are also installation instructions on back of the package. Simple steps are 1. remove bottom layer sticker. 2. Position to whole sticker on desired place to put on. 3. place whole sticker and make sure that it got placed well by pressing with finger nails on image area from top. 4. remover top layer sticker slowly 5. only image will be left on window car. Note, you don't place individual image separately!  You will see how clean and beautiful this logo on your car...  This logo will fit in front, back or side of windows on any cars.

Image size of the logo is 2 5/8" x 4" but it requires about at least 7" x 7" space.  Space out side of Logo is also part of design.

This Unique "God is Love" logo is intellectual property of APG Worldwide, Inc., Nowhere to find but through APG Worldwide Inc.

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