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About us

APG WORLDWIDE, INC, - "Apostolic Passion for Gospel". We are devoted to spread message of the love by revealing innovated, fresh, unseen and extraordinary Christian Designs on our superior quality consumer products. We believe that our merchandize will change the social perception of Christian designs and products. We have no desire to limit our products to only Christian community. We hope that everyone enjoys our products because of it's beautiful design and suprior quality.  Anyone with heart full of love will feel the love and beauty from our products. It is our duty to spread the "Good News" to the world as a Christian. APG Worldwide Inc., is honored and privilleged to introduce "Divine Art" for those who wish to be a "Fisher of men". 
"God is love" logo is registered as trademark of APG Worldwide Inc, and "New Jesus Fish" obtained registration certificate from US Copyright office after we proved authorship of the design.  Both designs are intellectual properties of APG Worldwide Inc,, and APG Worldwide Inc., reseved  full exclusive rights.  
We are Christian woman owned capital gain oriented private company but our motive and establishment of this company may differ than many other Christian owned company. We have clear goal and missions, we will deliever fresh, innovated, and quality Christian products with reasonable price to ordianry people around the globe.